Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dey Terk ur Jurb!

It's 12:00 am, I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and a long day of community college fun... So why not blog?

What's a good top ten list... ::looks at the TV screen:: Aha!

Top ten South Park episodes!

10. Krazy Kripples. "Crips". Best "mix-up" plot ever.

9. Cancelled!. Two gay aliens. Wow.

8. Scott Tenorman must die. Cartman killing a kid's parents and then putting them into chili and feeding it to him. Wow.

7. Fourth Grade.
Ms. Choksondik and Butters asking to show her a nice "fruit basket". Another f*cking classic!

6. Raisins.
This episode seriously made me feel bad for Butters. The writing in this one is superb, and the thought of a kids version of hooters called raisins is terrific!

5. D-Yikes!. The fight in the bar with Mr. Garrison and the Lesbians... "Oh yeah, scissor!" And the boys telling the mexicans to write there "essays" and they write their esse's. Classic!

4. Cartman Joins NAMBLA. A lot of fans think this is the best episode. Cartman is the 2nd best character on the show, this is one of his finest moments.

3. Breast Cancer Show Ever. When Cartman craps on the desk, totally spit milk all over the place.

2. Awesome-o. I love this episode for one reason: Butters. Butters is my favorite character, and this episode is all about Butters... but my favorite thing? The video of Cartman dancing around, "C'mon boys and touch my body, C'mon boys and touch my titties!"

1. Goobacks. "They took our jobs!!!" "Dey terk err jobs!" "Der der der!!" "Back in the pile!" If you've seen this episode, I think that's all you need.

There you have it. What can I say, it's late and I'm tired.

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