Sunday, January 31, 2010

Repowering the Powerbook: Chapter 2

Well, we've got some success!

I purchased the Torx screwdriver that I needed, and I also purchased an AC adapter to give this baby some juice.

During the period where I was waiting to receive the AC adapter in the mail, I spoke to Hollywood. I asked him how a computer could get so destroyed.

"I was working in Reason, and I got frustrated, so I punched the screen."

"Sir, don't lie to me. This is no one-punch job."

"Okay, maybe I hit it more than once."

"The CD drive looks like it was pried open with a crowbar! The antenna is severed! Did this thing take a trip through the air?"

"Well... it may have."

Haha. All the more fun for me, right?

I plugged the AC adapter in tonight, and to my surprise, I was greeted by that classic Mac sound.

I was also greeted by this:

I can line-out via DVI to my desktop monitor, but it only functions as a second screen. It's gonna take some work getting this bad boy to use the DVI-out by default, haha.

Next stop? Purchasing a new screen and wireless antenna, and doing something about the pried-apart bottom cover.

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