Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nim Vind - The Stillness Illness Review

Classic, weird Nim Vind at his finest! I'm a big fan of this band, they've always been the most "different" of all the horror punk bands, save for maybe the Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space. When Nim Vind released "Fashion of Fear", a lot of my favorite songs from the Mr. Underhill (same band; different name) days didn't make it on the record. This rarely happens, but all of the song's that I wanted to hear redone made it onto this record! "21st Century Teenage" and "Killing Saturday Night" are classics, while songs like "Hadron Collider", "Jacknife" and "Shangro Nitra" have awesome choruses, which I always thought was the appeal to Nim Vind's music. One weird thing, however, is the inclusion of "The Radio-active Man", which was on the last record as "Interviews With The Icon". It's cool what they did with the song, but I don't think that they added enough to the song to warrant redoing it. Other than that, this is a solid album from a horror punk band that dare's to sing about something other than brains.

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