Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crimson Ghosts/ Diemonsterdie Split

The opening track of this split, The Crimson Ghosts doing "The Body Bag" is pretty awesome. It's got a rockin' chorus (can you see it/ can you see it/ something's moving in the body bag/ can you see it/ can you see it/ whatever is inside don't ever let it out!). The song has a real industrial edge to it, but not in a bad way. It's just an influence of industrial, not a full on industrial song. The next track, "October Slowly Dying" is a diemonsterdie cover, and it's about as good as a DMD cover can get. I'm not really a DMD fan, I've never really seen the attraction to the band. As far as "whoa-ohh" horror punk, they're not "bad", but I've heard my fill of "whoa-ohh". I guess it goes without saying, then, that the next side of the split, the DMD side, isn't all that appealing to me. "She Looks Like You" is the aforementioned "whoa-ohh" standard, heard it all before horror punk song, while the next track, "Death From Above" is a Crimson Ghosts cover. "Death From Above" is one of my favorite Ghosts' songs, so anyone covering it can't really do it justice. And DMD can't.

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